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Balanced Body Pilates
Pilates Comprehensive Authorized Training Center

​If this is you...

...a Pilates Studio owner wanting to get some of your hand-picked students
 trained so the
y can teach in your studio;

...a Pilates practitioner 
tired of your day-job and wanting to do fun work that works with your life...


You're in the right place!

We have helped thousands

of people like you to 

do what you love

get the education & workshops,


train your studio
teaching staff!

*WORKSHOP* Sept 23, 1-3pm EST    "Hands ON or OFF?" Tactile Cueing

New Arrivals

What students have said about us:

"...remarkable teacher"

...challenges my brain & body"

"...inspiring and engaging"

"...exceptional educator"

"...extensive knowledge"

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